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Shane Mulgrew, Executive Business & Personal Coach, International Speaker & High Performance Athlete.

Shane began his career in Corporate Sales before moving to Online Coaching & Consulting. He has spent over 15 years in the Sales sector working within a range of diverse markets, all the while specialising in helping entrepreneurs master their health and performance but since has went on to focus on supporting business executives and elite sports professionals grow and scale their business as they come to the end of their career (offline & online).

Shane is Director of Shane Mulgrew Coaching & Joint-Partner in the 'True Wealth Mastery’ program, – A global business although originated in Ireland & UK that focuses on helping Sports Professionals and Elite Athletes to create personal & financial freedom using their prime relationships, specialised mentoring and exclusive masterminds. The company has worked with some of the world’s leading mentors, coaches and consultants to ensure and guarantee results.

Using deeply developed relationships and connections, Shane and his team show you how to attract your kind of people and sell offers (of up to 100k) to your chosen target market and most ideal prospects, this method creates the strong foundation you need to grow, scale and build a cultural team for your business.

Shane & team will help you generate revenue in the most effective and efficient way that aligns to you and your company values but in addition you will gain an elite referral partnership program and exclusive global networking community (Private Referral Institution). “We pride ourselves on service experience and emotional interaction so when we partner with retiring sports professionals, elite athletes & high performers we showcase the importance of deep, emotionally connected relationships and align that to their services and revenue growth.


"ABSORB what is useful, DISCARD what is not, ADD what is uniquely your own"

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Why You Should Partner With Us:

  • Private 1:1 Exclusive Coaching Program
  • Personal Health Performance Guarantee
  • High Performing Business Guarantee
  • Elite Mastermind Group
  • Global Entrepreneurs Networking Community
  • Referral Mastery Institution
  • A team of mentors, coaches and consultants for guidance and support.
  • The Leadership, Accountability and Skills required to sell an elite service and build a successful team

Along with Shane (founder), you'll utilise our team of global executive partners to help you on your journey, we leave no screw unturned and provide you with everything you require to lead your business to success.

Our mission is to partner with 10,000 sports professionals & elite athletes to support them in creating career and lifestyle freedom organically as they come to the end of their professional career.

Our ultimate aim is to venture into philanthropy to work with and support leading charity organisations such as building schools for children in need of education and clean running water for those close to our hearts! We will use the success of our ‘Ascentiv Circle Of Excellence Practices’ to raise awareness and take actionable progress in helping others in need.


Meet Shane

Mental Health Advocate, Young Entrepreneurs Network Volunteer and High Performance Sports Athlete."

“I failed at almost everything growing up as a student within the education system, I lacked any focus to learn or develop in that area as I didn’t enjoy it. I was certain school wasn’t going to be for me when I was held back from doing our end of year exams and test papers, so mentally I decided to give up on my education at the tender age of 11.

This self-defeating thought process was implanted in me throughout my childhood until I was 22 years of age.

I would still look back however and say I had an amazing childhood with two unbelievably supportive parents and a great family environment. I did achieve a lot but all within sports, athletics and physical activity, I was invited to several trials with top professional football clubs and performed many times on Sky Television for my international team (N.Ireland). I won medals for my local Gaelic football Club and County Tyrone including a variety of individual achievements. Sport was all I knew and the only thing I wanted to do as a career but that all ended fairly instantly when I turned 17 years of age and had to decide on a realistic career.

Professional sports was my only choice at that time and all I ever wanted but an extremely difficult career path for a young person with no real life experience, I quickly learned this wasn’t to be and was forced to learn a trade. I few months later I was on the construction site labouring, working long days and hating myself for it.

This was the first time I had experienced real negative emotions and mental struggle which wasn’t something I was familiar with or knew how to manage or control.

I spent the next 4 years doing all types of different professions, consistently unhappy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Although I developed endless skills in many ways which proved to be highly beneficial later on, I still felt completely lost. I made the conscious decision one day after a real downward spiral, to take the first step toward self-development, 7 years or so of proactively learning and investing in myself, several qualifications achieved, mentorships, courses and programs completed, thus the start of my business and entrepreneurial journey which has taken me here.

I have worked with 1000’s of different types of personnel and I’ve learned that you never stop learning. I have identified that it’s hugely essential to develop relationships, build bridges and emotionally connect with a wide range of great people if you want to be successful in business or in life.

Every person you meet in is at first worth your time and energy, as that one person in particular could be the one relationship that connects you to one million other great relationships - professionally & personally."

Program Delivery

The Seven Figure Business Coach Program offers you the skills, accountability and mentorship to achieve your goals. We do that through the following eight methods:

In the first Stage, we help you identify the Big Outcome you provide your Clients (Your Zone of Genius), we then incorporate it into your Strategy of Preeminence and start the process of transforming your health and joy in the process.

This also includes figuring out the exact customized blueprint to get you to one million USD in coaching revenues in 2 years guaranteed.

This will be done in our Jump Start Launch Call. This is done live, one on one, or in small groups. In your first week.

Each Stage has multiple video training units along with assignments. Each assignment takes you one-step closer to the completion of your milestone in that unit. Plus you get full access to learning centers for the Breakthrough Revenue Generating Strategies you choose to implement from your fully built Lead Generation Machine.

Every month, there is Seven Figure Business Coach Program™ group coaching where you and your team members come together to specifically work on and practice key skills and behaviours that you need to master to accelerate your growth. You will have specific goals and criteria to guide your development.

You have access to a special VIP Slack channel that allows you to ask questions immediately when you have them (think Facebook Group that always remembers). Not only will our staff be able to answer those questions, but you’ll be able to get help from other entrepreneurs who may be further along in their business than you. Either way, you’ll have help at your fingertips anytime you need.

This is where you will come together to practice and role play key elements of your presentations, offers, and other key sales and marketing strategies. Think of it as a safe place to “sharpen your saw”.

You will be assigned your own Accountability Partner, another Member in the Program, that you can have “practice sessions” with and help keep each other on track and complete the Program in the shortest time possible.

And, to get even better results you’ll invest 30 minutes each week to help them on their projects, and they’ll do the same for you.

Once you’ve unleashed your Zone of Genius in Stage Three, you’ll be admitted into the Scale To Seven Figures Mastermind. Here, you will join other entrepreneurs who are working to build their business to seven figures and beyond. You will meet twice a month to set goals, help each other, and problem solve.

These Mastermind meetings are facilitated by our Founder Shane Mulgrew, however they are participant-led to leverage the purest essence of a real mastermind a la Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think And Grow Rich” definition and create real synergy where the collective sum of each member’s mind is greater than the whole.

Not only do we help you launch, leverage and scale this Seven Figure Business Coach Program, but we do everything in our power to guarantee your success.

Within your first 90 days, we will have built and launched your entire Lead Generation Machine, comprising your fast mover, medium mover and slow mover paths (if applicable), along with a full Master Class (if applicable), to help educate, inspire & motivate your Ideal Target Market to hire you to help create the breakthroughs they desire in their individual businesses.



"Shane made everything so simple for me and he's simply just a part of my everyday life, you could say he’s my present & future coach for life now. He has helped me perform at levels that I never thought possible within my business, but more importantly my own health has improved dramatically. Shane teaches you the mastery of performance from a business perspective but he also teaches the importance in feeling your best everyday."

Mary Cullen - CEO

"The most important aspect for me was trust and I trusted Shane immediately after our first discussion.There was no time wasting or over-elaborate tech talk. Shane explained his methodology in relation to my goals in the simplest terms that gave me clarity and he explained exactly what I needed to perform daily to achieve successful results. He provided my business with a strategy guarantee and zero risk factors. Working together with Shane for over a year now has been one of the best business and personal decisions I’ve ever made."

Dustin McBride - Executive Partnership Owner

"I'm a successful entrepreneur and business coach myself, I help passionate coaches build 6 & 7 figure businesses through live webinars, I started working with Shane to find the life balance of wealth, health & relationships that I've always craved but I have never been able to achieve. I’m the type of person that needs to feel great in order to perform everyday in all aspects of my life, not only to grow and scale my business.

I’m just married and have moved abroad so I wanted to ensure that I am looking after myself and my relationship for the future and this is exactly what Shane has been able to do for me. The great thing about Shane and his elite coaching is how simple he makes things and creates certain paths, I have worked with other coaches before but this time it needed to be a lifestyle choice and not just a fast-fix. Being an entrepreneur and in the public eye a lot, I want to look and feel confident while performing at my very best, I wanted to be a positive example for my clients and other successful entrepreneurs that neglect the importance of having a career and lifestyle balance.

Shane approaches everything with severe professionalism and no screw is left unturned which was exactly what I needed because I am already so busy and the last thing I needed was more work to do. Shane’s coaching of performing less to achieve more is the perfect recipe that I have been able to introduce to my own business and lifestyle strategy.”

SARAH GRAY - 6 & 7 Figure Business Coach