Shane Mulgrew

The 10x Peak Performer
for Entrepreneurs

"In a world where you can have anything, 
why expect any less than your peak performance & potential."
-Shane Mulgrew

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Meet Shane

How it's going
Shane partners with successful entrepreneurs to help them generate optimum energy levels consistently so they can expand and reach their ultimate performance, business growth, income, targets & personal freedom. Learning and working with some of the worlds BEST performers and speakers worldwide, Shane has been able to mix his education with his own personal mastery to create a bulletproof formula that GUARANTEES SUCCESS! 

"Success to any entrepreneur is business growth, financial growth and personal FREEDOM."

Shane's creation is a Science-based proven 3 Part formula that generates natural within the body to create an abundance of energy and focus. When you have consistent energy, laser focus and a bulletproof growth strategy, there is only one outcome - SUCCESSFUL RESULTS!

Shane mostly provides his elite services remotely working with 100's of entrepreneurs in United States, parts of Europe, China, Australia, United Kingdom & Ireland but some entrepreneurs require private 1:2:1 consulting and speaking opportunities, so traveling globally is another benefit and insight into how important relationship building is within Shane's process and the main focus being on guaranteeing results for each and every entrepreneur. 

How it started
Shane spent time in the gym building up 14 years experience in the Health & Fitness industry, helping people with their body development, fitness performance and confidence issues. Throughout the 14 year journey Shane has worked with children as young as 4 years right up to educating pensioners at the age of 85 in Care homes. 
Shane founded a Children's Mental Health & Fitness company to help young people express themselves in a safe and controlled active environment while educating each child on the importance of exercise, nutrition and mental awareness. 
Starting and being a major part of many large events and group coaching experiences, Shane has tried and tested it all to ensure constant development and progress. A variety of personalised coaching and training within a wide range of age groups, Shane has consulted with 1000's of people from all walks of life, giving him a wealth of experience in working with people, understanding their situation and how to find their core problems to ultimately provide a solution.

Performance Mastery
Moving on from the health & fitness industry, Shane found a passion for performance, mindset and human potential. Shane had to master these 3 art forms by performing several physical, mental & emotional challenges. One challenge in particular being a 60 Day: Mental Mastery Performance Plan which consisted of the following:

60 Day: Mental Mastery Performance Plan
- Fasting for 20 hours everyday for 60 days
- Eating between 6pm - 10pm only
- Running 10km every day for 60 days
-  60 minutes of Cold therapy everyday for 60 days
- 600 calisthenic reps everyday for 60 days (200 x Push-ups, Squats & Sit-ups)
- 60 minutes of meditation everyday for 60 days
- 60 minutes of reading everyday for 60 days

"High-Level Performing is how you perform every little thing throughout your day, not just the big things"

These physical, mental and emotional challenges show the discipline, commitment and effort Shane sets into learning and developing his service, but the most important realisation Shane made a long the way is that nothing else matters more than the person, the specific goals and the lifestyle they want to live. You don't need to perform hard, difficult and stressful challenges, you don't need to struggle through life to get to the light at the end of the tunnel and you don't need anything other than yourself to start your journey towards endless high-energy, consistent growth and becoming the ultimate peak performer. There are simple methods, simple processes and simple actions that can and will take you to wherever you want to go in business & personal life.

Shane has had to learn the hard way in order to provide you with the simple & effective way to performance master. If you want to learn and develop these simple methods then you can do so by reaching out to Shane and confirming your interest by reserving your seat on a 'Commitment Call' using the links provided.

Thank you

"Performing at your very best everyday, consistently and forever is the very least you can offer yourself
for been given this amazing gift called life in entrepreneurship.
- Shane Mulgrew

Mary Cullen - Owner/ Managing Director
Wife & Mother

"I love the simplicity in Shane's methods, I'm a main part of the driving force within my business and this is my passion so I am constantly busy all the time. The last thing I wanted was more things to focus on and perform each day but Shane was able to give me clarity and a better understanding of what I needed to do.

I am growth, goals and target focused but I'm also a wife and mother so managing all of this is a major priority for me to continue creating my own happiness, health & business success. Shane helped me with this and still helps me as he is a part of my life now.

If I was to describe my experience with Shane in a nutshell,

"Simple but extremely effective actions performed and focused on everyday mixed with accountability, balance and sustainability equals guaranteed results."

Dustin McBride - Partner/ Entrepreneur
Husband & Father

I approached Shane for some guidance and help with health issue I was struggling with first and foremost but I also needed to be consistent in managing and growing several business partnerships. Much of my focus was all on business related issues so I had completely neglected my health and well-being.

This was a major realisation that Shane helped me understand and the transition from where I was to where I am now was actually quite simple using some science based methods and accountability procedures. 

Being that overworked businessman with no time for my family has now become the direct opposite as I've made a complete 360 turnaround, my energy is through the rough when I need it and my sleeping pattern is consistent. I have a great balance in all aspects of my life especially my personal health and my business targets.

Free Access to Shane's "10X Natural Energy System"

The 3 Pillar Formula that show's you how to generate natural energy and enthusiasm to be more productive, focused & satisfied come the end of your busy day.

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